Raven Macabre Photography releases incredible photos from his photoshoots with Isabel Vinson and Goldie Redd!

Photoshoots – Independent Vermont model Isabel Vinson is shaking things up with one of Goldie Redd’s glitter gold spiked halo crowns in her latest shoot with Raven Macabre Photography. I noticed the new photos on my Facebook wall when Macabre posted the photos on his page for everyone to see. So far I have seen six photos of Isabel Vinson and a couple of Goldie Redd and they were astounding.


The photo received a very positive reaction from people that embraced the creative masterpiece put together by the Massachusetts photographer. All three of them received a bunch of likes and compliments in the comment section of the picture by people that followed their work or simply had the time to share their thoughts. It was enough activity to get them featured on InternetHollywood.com again.


One of my favorites from Isabel is her statue of liberty-like pose with the glitter gold spiked halo crown. For some reason, it gives me a strong feeling as if I’m staring at an ancient painting of some sort. The positioning of her hands and the glow around her head made this picture even more fascinating. Redd sure does have taste, doesn’t she?


Now I’m not exactly sure if this photo I chose as a favorite from Goldie Redd happened at the same time of this shoot but it is definitely a favorite. The picture appears to show the model partially faded in the dust looking particles next to a lion. Macabre definitely brought his imaginations to life in pure form in that one. Great job to all three of them!


~*~*Goldie Redd*~*~

~*~*Isabel Vinson*~*~

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Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram

Raven Macabre: Instagram – Facebook

Goldie Redd: Instagram – FacebookEtsy Shop

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