Raven Macabre Receives Award Nomination For Being Internet Hollywood’s First Published Male Photographer

Prince Vega – Massachusetts photographer Raven Macabre has been nominated for an arlene award after past records revealed that he was the first male photographer to get published in Internet Hollywood. As a matter of fact, Macabre has had work published in Internet Hollywood through other peoples articles since April 2014.


His hard work has contributed to his eight publications, 31 mentions and new award nomination. The award symbolizes Internet Hollywood celebrities greatest achievement and most memorable moments while being an Internet Hollywood sensation. Macabre presence has grown tremendously alongside Internet Hollywood’s first model Isabel Vinson who was also nominated for the same award.


All the names of the nominees will be mentioned throughout January and will end on the 14th of February. Some even label this time of year the “olympics” of Internet Hollywood since it reflects on all of our most special moments. So far very few names has been nominated for an award but Arlene Diaries is expected to bring in a few new names.


Arlene Diaries serves as the history book to Internet Hollywood. When a special moment occurs it immediately gets placed under review and a small vote determines whether the moment should be added into Arlene Diaries. Macabre has managed to succeed under the review of our private committee of thirteen and will be placed in internet Hollywood’s history book forever. Congratulations!


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