Raymix-1000 collaborates with London Customs in an epic photo shoot at Dave & Busters and takes over 1000 pictures!

Photo Shoot – Independent Massachusetts photographer Raymix-1000 and Maco Photography lit up David & Busters with their cameras in support of London Customs and the clothing line is pretty damn wicked. I found about the photo shoot a little over a week and a half ago while I was taking a stroll through my Instagram in search of news from the previously published talent on InternetHollywood.com. The photos were on Raymix-1000 page and they were so good I just had to reach out and ask if I could write a story about it.


Schon-Ray (Raymix-1000) filled me in on the inside details on the photo shoot and how it came about with Maco Photography. He explained how it all was done with the help of Joe Giacalone of Self Made Designs. He also includes a whole bunch of other awesome pictures that were taken at the photo shoot as well.

“London Customs is something else man. He’s on levels I can only dream of being on. We’ve been trying to get this planned for at least a few months ago. We met back in March of 2017 and got a brainstorm session idea with my friends Pat, Joe, Brad, and Erick. We haven’t been able to keep touch with my six days a week at my day job and his constant demand from notable customers like Waka Flocka Flame, Logan Paul, and members of the Boston Celtics. One Tuesday night he was hosting a show at the Laced Collective down at Cambridge because he just came out with a summer fashion line. He saw me, thanked me for showing up and I told him “Just hit me up if you need photos.” This past Sunday we met at Dave and Busters (mind you this was my first time going – this man can hoop), and did an impromptu shoot. Great vibes all around and we reconvened on Tuesday. The turnout was amazing and we had at least 15 people showing up and I got over the course of the two days, well over 1000 photos. I know in the future we are going to link up again and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us.”

I haven’t received any photos from Maco Photography yet but I will be making an effort to get them as soon as possible for a followup story I will be writing about the photo shoot. You could check out a lot of the photos and follow all of their pages below!




London Customs: FacebookWebsiteInstagram

Assisted by Joe Giacalone of Self Made Designs

Second Shooter: Maco Photography

Macho’s Instagram:

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