R&B Queen: Things To Love About Carolina’s Beautiful Singing Voice

carolina 4Internet Hollywood’s newest superstar is far from what many would call an amateur when it comes to expressing her beautiful vocals. She tends to carry on a tune that stretches her melody so uniquely that it’ll influence our bodies to give into the vibe of her wonderful sound. Her heartwarming presence is a lesson to learn when opening our ears to her breathtaking voice, and nothing feels as good as sharing that moment with her when it happens. Although she’s not a familiar face in our universe, we can easily predict that Carolina’s level of influence will continue to gain the momentum it needs to exceed every barrier that stands in her way. Carolina deserves all the respect there is to give in being an unsigned artist with so much to offer in a world that lacks leadership. Her talent is one of it’s own, and will create a new path for upcoming singers that dreams of becoming that perfect superstar. It’s beautiful minds like Carolina’s that finds the best way to empower the minds of young women all over that have dreams but are afraid to take risks. Carolina was first brought to our attention when Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega submitted a video to our voting committee of the singer singing on Facebook. Carolina easily racked in enough votes to be voted into our universe as one of our newest celebrities. Carolina is currently competing in a karaoke contest in Connecticut for free studio time. Her creativity is found in the art she produces in music and fashion. She’s made it very clear that her vision goes beyond what many would expect from a woman growing up with just a dream. Her motivational spirit will drive the force she needs to break open doors that will take her to a place she’s never been before. We would like to welcome our adorable Carolina to the Internet Hollywood universe, and we hope to see more of her in future months to come!

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