The Reason Internet Hollywood Finds ProjectXPlatinum Model Racheal Johnson Adorable

rachealOutside of modeling Racheal remains one of the most sweetest, down to earth, warm hearted person that the world NEEDS to meet. Her attitude draws in a positive vibe that will energize you in ways you wouldn’t think were possible. She’s incredibly sweet with a talent that couldn’t be challenged by alternative or mainstream models. Her way of dealing with situations shows how incredibly strong she is as a woman battling through the struggles that come with living life as a mature adult. Racheal continues to capture our attention with the amazing vibe she brings every time I’m in a conversation with her. Her eyes are so warm and soft you would want her lids to close you up inside of them and never let you go. It’s impossible to escape what makes Racheal the precious woman that she is to a world that needs more of her. She’s very caring and talented! Who could ever cross someone so beautiful and conscious as our adorable Racheal? She’s been a leading figure growing in the ProjectXPlatinum movement since the very beginning and nothing can ever change that. What makes her so unique is the view that’s captured inside of the mirror she stares in when she wakes up every morning. She embodies what’s realistic in a world that’s driven off of materialistic things. We are grateful to have Racheal apart of ProjectXPlatinum and Internet Hollywood. We look forward to seeing her in the next Internet Hollywood magazine issue coming out in February!


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