The Reason Model Keri Marie Was Chosen As Prince Vega’s Love Interest In His First Movie

keri 1ProjectXPlatinum model Keri Marie is a dazzling star that has reached higher grounds than others when it comes to the film production end of Internet Hollywood’s empire. She was the very first model ever chosen to act in an independent film that was going to be directed by Prince Vega himself. Why was she chosen? Keri’s personality easily highlights the potential she has to become more than just a model–but an actress. Her way of expressing herself as a woman is undeniably fascinating, and we were lucky to have experienced it personally. We were told it only took a few minutes for Jerel Daniels (recruiter) to make his decision after Prince Vega’s conversation with Keri Marie. The popular music artist tries his hardest to see what’s in an individual that will awaken an unexplored talent that they never thought they could. Keri’s exciting response lit up the social media world as links were shared to people all over the Internet. The production of the independent film was postponed due to Prince Vega’s busy schedule, but a new plot is unfolding with a brand new story. To avoid the strong criticism involving a film based on the ‘Illuminati’, Prince Vega decided to make another series instead. It’s unclear what type of film Prince Vega plans on creating now, but Keri Marie will continue to play a key role in it if she chooses to. The model has given us a lot to check out since her debut in Internet Hollywood back in June. Back in September the model appeared in Ink Masters on the Spike Lee Network. She also shared with our reporters that she would love to start an anti-bullying program. How sweet is that? Keri’s way of being who she is brings us to the biggest reason why Prince Vega had chosen her to star in his first independent film. She’s smart, adorable, fun, sweet, talented, and just plain damn awesome! The absolutely stunning picture of Keri Marie was took by an amazing photographer by the name of Chris Dupre.


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