Rebecca Rozayy discusses her family plans for Christmas, experiencing it as a young adult, Christmas movies, and more

Topic of the Week (Christmas) – It has been quite the journey learning about everyone’s Christmas to add to our collection of wonderful memories in the Internet Hollywood. The energy coming from those that celebrated the holiday really was felt on my end and I’m honored to be the one to hear everyone’s stories and share it here on the website. I caught up with independent Massachusetts model Rebecca Rozayy to learn of her holiday plans, likes, and past experiences. The interview was a part of our hot topic discussion on Internet Hollywood. Enjoy the short interview!


~*~*Christmas /w Rebecca Rozayy*~*~


Internet Hollywood: The countdown is on before Christmas is upon us and many people have been shopping their ass off to get the things they want for their love ones. I have been making an effort to find out all I can about people’s plan for the holidays to share their stories with like-minded individuals that willing share their fun stories as well. How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?


Rebecca: Did you do your shopping already? Every year I celebrate with my big huge family! It’s a tradition to always meet at my mother’s house every year, so every year it’s a big Christmas Eve party! I have been shopping since November 1st but of course like most I had lots of last minute shopping too!


Internet Hollywood: Christmas is definitely one of those holidays that shows a side of people that many people don’t normally see throughout the year. It clearly means a lot of different things to people everytime we approach this time of year and people choose to celebrate it in many different ways. What does Christmas mean to you now that your older and do you feel you will continue the traditional way of celebrating Christmas now that you’re looking at it from an older standpoint?


Rebecca: As you grow older you start to understand that Christmas isn’t about all the gifts, lights, snow, and festivities, but about getting together during the holidays and coming together as one family including friends! It’s about enjoying this beautiful time with people you care about the most!


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is the coolest Christmas you had and the best gift you received as a present?


Rebecca: Hmm,m good question since I’ve been spoiled by many during the holidays it’s hard to tell what really was the best gift. I’m so open-minded that everything is great to me


Internet Hollywood: Another cool thing I have been discussing with people is their favorite Christmas foods, movies, and songs. What are some of your favorite movies to watch, foods to eat, and songs to sing around Christmas time? I am a BIIIGGG Christmas person!


Rebecca: I am a BIIIGGG Christmas person! Like Christmas is my time of the year to shine! I love all things Christmas! So my favorite movies are The Polar Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, All of the animated claymation Christmas movies. As for the songs Baby, it’s cold outside is my favorite song! I can listen to it a million times and neeeveerrr get tired of it!


Internet Hollywood: My favorite question; if you could look back at everything that took place this year would you say it is a year your proud of or no?


Rebecca: Yes!! I’ve set a lot of goals for myself and told myself I was going to do some things to put myself more out there (as in exposure) and I definitely did it ! And 2019 will only bring me more goals to reach !


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Rebecca!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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