The Rebellious Kitten Is On The Loose – Will Appear In Internet Hollywood’s Second Magazine

kylaOur Rebellious Kitten isn’t too far from claiming what’s rightfully hers now that she’s finally becoming front page news after ranking #6 in Internet Hollywood back in June. Kaira’s credibility remains high inside of our universe after becoming the very first model to trend on after saying she was nervous about having her beautiful baby. The world wide support from sweet models all over became so popular that our second floor private committee nicknamed it the “care bear cycle”. Kaira’s historic moment would make her the #6 biggest Internet Hollywood model soon after. So what’s new with our stunning little Kaira? We sure do have a lot of catching up to do! Her chill personality is so down to earth, it’s only right she continues to hold her ground now that she’s finally back in Internet Hollywood, get it? Never mind, that was wack. Anyway, leading up to the second magazine issue opened up a huge amount of questions involving Kaira’s placement. After all, she was a leading headliner before right? We have been told she will appear in Internet Hollywood’s second magazine that is due out later this month. The model is expected to cover a full page spread that will honor her for all the hard work she has put into her career as a growing superstar in Internet Hollywood. Her beautiful lips is a kiss away from being featured on the front cover of one of Internet Hollywood’s future issues. We ask kindly for everyone to remember this absolutely beautiful face because there will never be another one like it. The stunning photo of our beautiful Kitten was took by Wild Earp Photography! Click the link below to follow their awesome fan pages!!

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