Red Shoe Girl Takes Modeling To The Streets With Photo Punk Photography

red shoeThis adorable girl is filling her red shoes in a new photo shoot with Photo Punk Photography. The ProjectXPlatinum model was recently exploring her photos and didn’t mind resharing it on her Facebook fan page for us all to see. The colorful picture appears to show the model in a see through gown that matches her hair perfectly. The matching black under is enough to work wonders in our minds when seeing how fine Red Shoe looks in whatever she squeezes her body into. The earlier release of the photo is dated back to November 21st, last year. The model received nothing by positive feed back from incredibly supportive people from inside and out of our Internet Hollywood universe. Red Shoe is a New England model that’s open for booking, so if interested contact her: Her professional service is only available to those that are serious about their services as-well. Red Shoe Girl was made an Internet Hollywood celebrity after ProjectXPlatinum co-founder Isabel Vinson recruited her two days before iHollywood’s relaunch last week. The new feature is expanding it’s promotional platform to give readers access to all chosen Internet Hollywood celebrities 24/7. Red Shoe Girl and Photo Punk Photography’s amazing work will most likely become headlining topics on Internet Hollywood Radio in future weeks to come! Click the bottom links to check out both of their pages!

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