Report: Bud Cinco’s ‘Light Up A Spliff’ video approaches 6k views, Hartford Po’s ‘One of A Kind’ preview lands 2.2k

Musicians – As I continue to go deeper into my reports about musicians in the state of Connecticut I have learned more about their hard work and unique abilities to produce their own sounds develop the courage to actually put the music out for people to check on it. It’s clear a digital shift has occurred that is bringing thousands of ears deeper into the underground to discover these talented musicians with so much content to offer the world.


Our second report comes out of the city of Hartford and includes two rappers that are heating up the music scene in the state of Connecticut. Hip Hop artist Bud Cinco’s music video ‘Light Up A Spliff’ is gaining a lot of steam on YouTube and is now closing in on 6 thousand with 5.8k. The song has only been out for a little over four weeks and is doing well on the independent scale. His nicely edited video by @UNRULY_WES made the clips in Bud Cinco’s video even more entertaining to watch and that always helps in the marketing world.


Hartford Po is gearing up to bring back more music and he has already previewed his new music video done by Iris Filmz that will be coming out soon. I noticed the preview of the trailer on his Facebook page when I was scrolling down in search of more news in the New England area. The video was released in late September and has already received over 2 thousand views and it is just a preview. The video appears to show the rapper in a black hoody rapping somewhere in Hartford, Connecticut. There is no set date when the music video will be released but when it is I will definitely write about.


You could check out Bud Cinco’s music video ‘Light Up A Spliff’ and Hartford Po’s preview to his song ‘One Of A Kind’ by clicking their links below. Every week there will be weekly reports on all of the progress each artist is doing. I look forward to keeping track of all of their latest releases to share with you all.



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