Report: Trife Snitte’s ‘Snitte’s Back’ hits 2.1k views, Banga Bandanaz gets 8.1k with ‘Trendsetter’, Oscar Black gets 2.4k with ‘Can I Live’

Musicians – Connecticut musicians are looking good marketing themselves independently through their platforms and in return, thousands have been checking out their music. I recently decided to put together weekly reports on musicians grinding independently in my home state of Connecticut and the rest of New England. My initial goal is to show the artists the outcome of their hard work to inspire them to keep going and never stop. This week I have rounded up a few names to add to our first weekly report.


Trife Snitte’s return earned him a lot of attention pretty quickly in his hometown of Hartford, especially in the music scene in Connecticut. His new single ‘Snitte’s Back’ is off to a great start with 2,1k Facebook views, over 73 shares, a short documentary, and a whole lot of comments across from many of Facebook accounts. His new music video was done by Quality View Entertainment and was shot in the north end of Hartford, Connecticut.


Banga Bandanaz is also having a pretty exciting month with viewers as well, research shows. His music video loyalty has crossed over 5k on Facebook and his music video ‘Trendsetter’ is now at 8.1k on Facebook and could now be seen on his ‘Banga Bandanaz’ channel on YouTube as well. Banga Bandanaz name was brought into many conversations from his previous rap battles, freestyles, outspoken views, and music videos. The fire that was fueled by the combining things above continues to bring ears and eyes to his music and social media page.


Oscar Black is warming up the underground without any trouble at all. Although he hasn’t really published a song on on his channel in five months, his freestyle from the 16th on Facebook has passed over 2.4k with 84 comments and 36 shares. The supportive comments that came in got a response from Oscar Black who thanked everyone for their support before letting them know he is just getting started and got more on the way. I will keep my eyes and ears out to see what the artist got planned for the future.


~*Check Out Their Music Below~

Trife Snitte: Video On Facebook

Banga Bandanaz: Video On Facebook

Oscar Black: Video On Facebook


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