Rhode Island model Kayla Koyla discuss shooting with Eric Wallis Photography, wanting to work on films, modeling Malva Janaby’s clothing designs at Boston Fashion Week and more!

Beyond The Lens – Rhode Island model Kayla Kohla is making front page news after wrapping up her interview with us on Thursday morning. The independent model was contacted towards the ending of October and was sent seven questions to answer. The seven questions were intended to bring out the latest information on some of her current goals, past collaborations, modeling Malva Janaby’s designs at Boston Fashion Week and more! Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Kayla Kohla*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Kayla Kohla! I’m happy we are finally able to get to this interview. We both have been incredibly busy with our careers and personal life so it’s definitely understandable. How was your Halloween? Did you do any dressing up?


Kohla: No, I don’t usually do anything special for Halloween. There was a time in the past when I would go to more events, but lately, I have been taking a more laid-back approach. This year, Kristina and I actually just went to my parents’ house and watched scary movies while my younger brother gave out candy. It was a quiet night.


Internet Hollywood: Not too sound a little straightforward but you looked scorching hot in your photo shoot with Eric Wallis Photography. I always enjoy seeing his collaborations because he cares about what he releases to the public and I know you do as well. How did that photo shoot come about?


Kohla: Well thank you. I always try to look my best in all of my shoots—I try to deliver my best work and am always working to perfect my craft. Eric and I have been working together for years and have become really great friends. We know that we can count on each other to deliver when it comes to important projects and brand assignments; so we will generally will partner up if there is a special project coming up. When you have worked with a photographer for a long time, they know how you move, your best angles, the types of shots that flatter you best etc. There is that foundation and experience there that can really contribute to the overall chemistry of the shoot. I feel like that stuff shows through on camera and is really important. This particular shoot was for a clothing brand called Raw Talent Clothing.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the projects that you are working on now?


Kohla:  I have a few things in the works right now; but if I am, to be honest, I’ve been spending a lot more time focusing on film than modeling for the time being. I still enjoy modeling, but have just been finding that I have streamlined a lot of my print work to mostly include just brand shoots; the rest of that time is spent focusing on acting. I am blessed to have a few different roles in some upcoming projects and I am really excited to begin moving forward.


Internet Hollywood: What’s your overall goal that you wish to accomplish before this year is out?


Kohla: My ultimate goal is mainly to have completed the film projects that I have beginning now, as well as a few that are currently “on hold” do to technical issues. I’ve been looking forward to those and would really like to see them through. In addition, hope to continue acting and have a more substantial film resume than I do now.


Internet Hollywood: Are there any people out now that you would like to collaborate with?


Kohla:  I am always looking to work on films alongside others—I love making new friends who are pushing towards the same goals and share my ambitions.


Internet Hollywood: You recently was at Boston Fashion Week doing your thing for Janaby Clothing. You looked absolutely amazing. We both know just how awesome Janaby and his clothing is. How did you end up getting involved with that?


Kohla:  Thank you! I love Janaby’s line and am always excited to see what new stuff he comes out with next! I actually became involved in an unusual way—I am close friends with the Janaby Team, and we have been wanting to work together for a while. So, when an opportunity presented itself for Boston Fashion Week, they actually called me up and invited me to participate and of course, I was delighted! Kristina and I came up from Rhode Island and stayed in Boston for that weekend and the entire night was a blast.


Internet Hollywood: Last question, with this year coming close to an end many people have a lot of things on their mind. This has probably been one of the busiest years for dreamers grinding with and without an agency. Do you have any fears leading up to the year 2018? What thought comes to your head the most when you think of the year 2018?


Kohla: I am actually really excited about 2018. I have a lot of “beginnings” coming up in the next year—a lot of new projects starting up and new opportunities that I am already looking forward to. I guess on some level there is an element of the unknown, but it doesn’t scare me. I’m looking forward to see what new adventures the year brings.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Kayla. Keep doing an amazing job!


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Kayla Kohla: Instagram – Website

Eric Wallis Photography (photographer): Facebook – Instagram


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