Rhode Island Model Shayna Evelyn May Consider Returning To Modeling Very Soon!

Prince VegaShayna Evelyn may be quiet but that doesn’t mean she isn’t modeling anymore. Evelyn has been staying strong and handling her personal life which has slowed her modeling down for the time being and that’s understandable. We all have those times in our life that takes us away from our dream temporarily.


Evelyn is a Rhode Island published model with an outstanding history in Internet Hollywood. She has been published in Internet Hollywood seven times in the last two years and was featured in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine in 2015.


I’m not completely sure when Evelyn will be returning but I’m positive it will be very soon after our small discussions. Having her aura in Internet Hollywood has always been refreshing and opening to the eyes. She’s so talented, fun and adorable!


A small search in our engines will give you a run down of Evelyn’s history in Internet Hollywood and will give you an idea of how great she is as a person. Her strength is undeniable and her drive comes with no bounds. She’s a trail blazer rising against the hate and jealousy that has been growing from less successful individuals in Rhode Island who have little to no life. Just give it up already! She rocks!


So where do we go from here? The last photo shoot Evelyn updated us on was back in October when she showed me some absolutely beautiful pictures of her that was taken by the incredibly talented photographer from IMZ Photography.


We look forward to seeing more work from Evelyn in the near future!

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