Riverfest & Fireworks Canceled In Hartford & East Hartford After Cities Pulls Funding

fireworks 1Prince Vega – This year’s Riverfest celebration and fireworks display, which were scheduled for Saturday, July 9, will no longer be happening now that the city has pulled from funding it. According to Riverfront Recapture, the City of Hartford and Town of East Hartford will not be able to cover the cost of police and fire services.

“It’s a difficult decision and one that is disappointing for many, but at the same time, it’s also a significant expense at a time when there’s not a lot of revenue out there,” Riverfront Recapture President and CEO Michael Zaleski said.

Hartford’s Mayor Luke Bronin also shared his thoughts.

“The City of Hartford is facing a significant budget crisis and the Riverfest event costs Hartford and East Hartford hundreds of thousands of dollars for the single night,” Bronin said.

What’s pretty messed up about this is Hartford, CT is the capitol city yet most the cities around it will still be having the fireworks display.


Hmmmm…this brings me to a question, Why do they keep saying we are going through a budget crisis and not explaining why the budget crisis is happening? So where are all your hardworking tax dollars going if not in a toppling city with no funds to cover the costs for something a simple as a fireworks display? They didn’t complain about this when they decided to tear open downtown Hartford, CT for a baseball stadium that’s not even open yet did they? Is Manchester and all the other surrounding towns having fireworks not going through a budget crisis as-well? It all makes me wonder!

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