Rock/Metal Vocalist Elizabeth Nisayas discuss her career plans, staying independent, becoming a solo singer, her next music covers and more!

Beyond The Lens – Rock/Metal Vocalist Elizabeth Nisayas has given us a chance to learn more about her career as an independent musician and former rock band member. Although I kept the questions about her old band to a minimum, there were other awesome things we discussed that I’m really happy to share with all of you.


Elizabeth has been on my list for a while and I never really had the chance to interview her. Since I had a little time to spare I got in contact with the singer and asked for an interview and she accepted. I hope you enjoy it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Elizabeth Nisayas*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Nisayas!? Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. It’s always a pleasure hearing about new talent that I haven’t wrote stories about. You are actually the first independent rock singer I interviewed, so congratulations! How is your career plans going for this year? Do you have anything new coming out?


Nisayas: Hi Justin! Thank you for having me. Plans for this year are definitely going different than I thought they would be. My album with my last band Crimsong was planned to be released this summer, but it looks like it won’t be til the end of the year. I am still looking forward to it though, as that will be my first album I have ever recorded. I am currently gigging with the cover bands OzzaDia and Freakquency while I am writing my new music. There should be a single from Nisayas this fall!


Internet Hollywood: What was it about music that made you want to pursue it as a career and how hard was it learning how to sing the way you do?


Nisayas: I have been singing since I can remember. I’ve always loved performing in front of people, and singing my heart out. I have gotten more serious as I have found how much my work can inspire people. I never thought that I could make a difference in someone’s life, but as I work harder with my singing, songwriting, and gigging, people have reached out to me about how I have inspired them in some way. It’s a humbling experience when people are singing along to lyrics I wrote. As far as the learning, most of it was self taught. I got to a plateau where I couldn’t sing as high and confidently as I wanted to, and found a gem of a vocal coach, the late Junius Harris. He trained me on classical technique, increased my range and confidence, and changed my perception on what I was capable of. There have been many learning curves since then, but all for the better. Since then, I am still trying to narrow down exactly what “my” voice sounds like.


Internet Hollywood: What was the first song you wrote and recorded?


Nisayas: First song I ever recorded was “Crush” from A Moment To Riot. It was literally a demo made in the practice space basement. It has only seen the light of day from the soundcloud that still exists in the band’s name. My first single that was officially released was “As the Fates Would Have It” with my last band Crimsong.

Photographer: Jason V Manello

Internet Hollywood: How hard was it for you to get into live performances and what was the feeling like when you did your first performance?


Nisayas: It’s very natural for me to perform. I love being onstage. However the first performance with a band I was very very nervous. That was the first time that lyrics and melodies that I wrote would be on a platter for judgment. I put many personal experiences into the music and write music that is challenging for me so my heart was beating out of my chest. I flubbed a bit on the first song, but midway through I really started getting into it. I loved it when I would hit a long high note and people’s eyes would widen. I loved it when people started coming to the front of the stage and started grooving with the music. Ever since, I’ve been hooked.


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently seeking a major record label home or are you going to continue to do things independently?


Nisayas: At the moment I am not looking for a label. There are certain freedoms you have for content, financial gain, and booking that you can do DIY. I have made many connections over the years and I work with different people for instrument tracking, mixing, merch, and more. I also believe that I need to build it up more myself before I prove to a label that they can invest in me.


Internet Hollywood: What is the main goal that fulfills your dream as a music artist?


Nisayas: I wouldn’t quite say I’m at the point where I feel “fulfilled” yet, but I am on my way there. The main thing is when I write a song, and people tell me how the lyrics have stuck with them, and inspired them to change themselves, or have helped them through a hard time.


Internet Hollywood Question: Do you plan on doing any music videos this year?


Nisayas: I have a few cover videos that will be coming out, but they are mostly playthroughs. If things go well, I might be able to release a video as a follow-up to my new single this fall.


Internet Hollywood: Last question: what has been the your biggest challenge since you started doing music and is there anything other than music that makes you feel just as happy?


Nisayas: The biggest challenge has been working with other musicians. There are so many “creative differences” between members, and everyone has a different priority in life. I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as a promise when it comes to the music industry. This is why I’ve taken a more solo approach to my work. I still really like working with other artists. I am working on a few collaborations, and I get musicians with styles I like to help flesh out my ideas in the studio. Other than music, the only other thing that has made me as happy is my fiancée Francisco. He is my rock when things are crazy, he is an excellent drummer, a critic for when I need it, and someone who really cares about me. I always have a good day when he is around.



Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Nisayas!


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