Rubia Banks Officially Begins Her Model Journey In Internet Hollywood, Releases New Selfie Photos

rubia banksPrince Vega – Internet Hollywood is opening its arms for a new blossoming celebrity from the state of Connecticut by the name of Rubia Banks. The 22-year-old new gorgeous model will rise to be a familiar face to our readers as the heated spring approaches in weeks to come. Given that time is upon us, many will learn more about the student that is currently aiming for the best in her career as a registered nurse that will soon care for others in the best way possible.


Banks interest in the medical world is unknown until she makes it available for us to know. She has a huge variety of skills that you will soon find appealing as she expands her base internationally in our digital community. She expressed a deep interest in modeling and have decided to take on the odds to fulfill her dreams and we will witness the beauty that comes out of it in reality as it happens.


rubia5Although time is to soon to discover the hidden source to her heartwarming personality, we are certain her future photo shoots will help us identify her story through her work of art with talented photographers. We are beginning the start of a new chapter with a brilliant woman with so much to gain with the world at her feet. What does she have to offer? Will she give her all? Is she actually ready to begin this journey? Will the pressure be too much to handle? These are questions in need of answers only time will be able to tell.


Now that Rubia has entered into our universe we can expect a shift in a way things are handled with our thirteen member committee. She is the first model to enter Internet Hollywood without any professional shoots. She is one of the very few models that was recruited by Internet Hollywood founder & Hip Hop artist Prince Vega in the year 2016. Her fan page is finally set up, so show your support and follow the gorgeous new model below! As for our beautiful Rubia, welcome to our beautiful universe!


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