Runway Model And Blogger Samantha Gottlich Will Be Attending The Internet Hollywood Party In Manchester, CT On August 19th!

Photo Shoots – Social Media Marketer, Model and Blogger Samantha Gottlich will be making a special appearance at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance party in Manchester, CT on August 19th. The Dress to Express blogger accepted my invitation to attend the party earlier this month when I went on an invitation blast to remind everyone about the party. After learning about what she does I definitely interested in having her come.


The networking event will include rising talent from all over New England that will be networking, doing photo shoots, dancing, participating in a casting call, enjoying live music and good conversation at the bar. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Gottlich doing what she does best in person so everyone attending could see.


I’m just getting to know Gottlich a little more and I look forward to writing about her latest projects in the future. We discussed her coming to the party and she sounded really excited to head down to Connecticut for the night to celebrate with everyone. It’s definitely going to be a night to remember.


The networking event will include photo shoots, live performances, interviews /w our reporters,  a casting call to our Halloween fashion runway show in Rhode Island in October and more.


This featured image of Samantha Gottlich in this story was taken by Billy Pops!



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