Russian Mafia Boss Secretly Filmed Having Sex In Prison With ‘Human Rights Activist’ (VIDEO)

russian bossNews Tv – An inmate at a Russian jail has allegedly been caught having sex with a woman who said she was a human rights activist. The mafia boss was caught by a secret camera getting up close and personal with the woman, identified only as Larissa Z – a regular visitor at the prison in Sverdlovsk Oblast, central Russia. She was supposed to be there checking whether he was being properly looked after and to ensure he was happy with his jail conditions. Some people in Russia have also criticized the bedroom saying it looks like a Russian house rather than a prison cell. A prison spokesman said: ‘It was noted that their counseling sessions seemed to take rather longer than usual.’ The footage was reportedly shot in April of this year showing that there was almost no conversation before they started their unique form of discussion on prison conditions. It was not revealed how the footage ended up being leaked to local me.

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