S.O.S And B.D.K Remains Major Hitters In Internet Hollywood Radio – Makes Top 5 Most Played

top fivePowerful rap group S.O.S is making their presence known with heavy hittaz like rapper B.D.K. The artists continues to sustain a powerful buzz in our circuits with highly anticipated sounds that gives them an enormous boost on our billboard charts. The similarities between the two is shown from their level of dominance on our recent billboard charts statistics. B.D.K had one of the most impressive debuts after skipping 10 and 9 to land himself at #8 within three months. Breezy is easily freeing himself from the pressure and becoming one of the most untouchable artist in our alternative universe. S.O.S is sharpening up the tip of their spare and preparing to lyrically launch verses on any track that proves the group is unlike any imagined. The two musicians are currently the most played artist besides Hopsin that’s building themselves through Internet Hollywood Radio. S.O.S is currently ranked the #2 biggest Internet Hollywood musicians! The committee predicts Breezy will rise tremendously if he continues to increase pressure by dropping more songs since he’s currently one of the most topped played musicians on Internet Hollywood Radio. The truth of the show starts on the 10th with dozens of new features that was added to the recent updates. Although Prince Vega is out of action, we can still guarantee the show is going to be one to remember.

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