S.O.S And C-Three Beef Dies Down As Internet Hollywood’s ‘Game Of Rap’ Preseason Approaches


The Game Of Rap Preseason is closing in while the intense forces backing the energy between three artists finally slows down. The almighty S.O.S is resting in comfort after nearly two weeks of exchanging shots over a written diss directed towards S.O.S on C-Three’s fan page. The hype building across our universe grew worst from the building energy when Rude Boy of S.O.S decided to strengthen his tone when addressing the situation to an Internet Hollywood reporter.

“He’s afraid,” he claimed.” Even fake n***** know real when they see it, and they get intimidated and act out on pure fear of being put on the back burner, because now there’s actually talent here and not just people saying words over a beat and thats understandable. But the issue with that is you chose the wrong ones like I said, you couldn’t even eat ya snacks and you tryna swallow steel. We here and we here to stay period! Oh, and one more thing, the fact that we was riding for him in his “so called” beef wit Snacks and he decided to diss us shows that hes intimidated period.”

The shots did enough to stir the pot Cthree’s been mixing since the start of his journey in the Internet Hollywood realm. The artist did not waste anytime before firing shots back at the powerful Pittsburgh group. The California artist started amping up the hype with a challenge he wanted S.O.S to start off.

His response:

“We will see who is the last man standing,” he said. “My music speaks for itself. These n*****out here walking blind, smh throw a shot musically and thats your own Funeral. I keep my friends close and enemies closer. Ya’ll should maybe talk this over; ah bad move for a knight and his soldiers.”

Although Rude Boy made it clear he doesn’t back down from any challenge, he also shared with one of our reporters that he was keeping it cool and not taking it in a negative way. Cthree remained silent as the shots flying ceased and now peace has been hovering our realm ever since. The artists from all over will have no other choice but to face-off as the preseason finally approaches. The records documented in our universe will reveal the number of wins & losses each artist have when a contest or battle takes place. We look forward to seeing all these amazing artists face-off internationally in November!

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