The S.O.S Effect: “Reflection” To Keep S.O.S In Heavy Rotation On Internet Hollywood Radio

MISE EDITEDS.O.S is definitely reaching new heights and the flight to the stars is coming closer for these two brothers. A powerful new track voted into our radio circuit name “Reflection” is predicted to be one of the most successful single releases played in the first quarter of this year. The group has easily made a name for themselves and lived up to the hype of their name without any problems. Combining the sounds coming from these two powerful forces is delivering an impact that shows us this group isn’t going no where anytime soon. The vibe inside of the smooth/dark beat in “Reflection” matches perfectly with the sound both artist uses to dominate their verses. Mise and Budda is suited up to keep themselves leading chart toppers and no amount of negativity can change that fact. S.O.S recently ranked the #2 biggest underground musicians in Internet Hollywood with over 10 front page headlining stories to show for it. This incredibly gifted team is on a road that will lead them to leading the race to the Internet Hollywood awards that’s expected to take place late next year. The group will most likely be nominated for an award, but we will have to see it or ourselves to see who comes out victorious!

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