S.O.S Member Rude Boy Unloads On Cthree For Challenging Him, Says He Doesnt ‘Back Down’


S.O.S Member Rude Boy is letting it be known about his stance whenever a rapper chances challenging S.O.S in the rap arena. The growing Internet Hollywood celebrity is firing away at Cthree again after the California rapper opened the ropes for the rap duo to step in. The flames battling the waves of energy only created more intensity after multiple shots with words exchanged between both sides for over a week. Cthree remains totally active inside of our universe for the incredible accomplishments that swept through the domes of our Internet Hollywood home after being endorsed by rapper Snoop Dogg in his ‘Underground Heat’ countdown. The California rapper is now facing the heat from the not so pleased rap group S.O.S. for his diss.

Rude Boy:

“First of all he talking bout come at him musically. I posted a whole song for that nigga. Secondly, where I come from we call it “back-it-town” which means that we don’t back down from anybody and we back up what we say. Imma  real nigga and was bred by wolves and raised in a jungle. I’ve had real beef in the streets so this music beef is a joke to me, I could do it in my sleep. Music is my passion, my life,  if it wasn’t for music I would have went crazy by now. This shit was branded to my soul so like I said I’m bout that life….. Can you say the same about yourself my nigg? Don’t try to run with wolves while your wearing a dress you might get ya pannies in a bunch. You want us to come at you lyrically we got hits for days for yall take your pick… Period.”

The power behind the words following these groups are growing and there is no denying that its only reaching farther. We will keep you update as the news continue to grow!

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