Safaree Samuels Blasts Nicki Minaj: “Tell Meek Mill The Email You Sent Me.”


Nicki Minaj’s ex boyfriend Safaree Samuels claims Nick Minaj still hits him up behind Meek Mill’s back. Apparently the two got into it over Twitter after Safaree responded back to Meek Mill’s twitter shots to TMZ, saying that he reaches out to her from time to time. Apparently Nicki felt some type of way and lashed out at the guy, saying “He knows when you hit me. He sees the entire convo so don’t purposely try to be misleading. That’s corny if it’s true. Wish u the best.” It wasn’t long before hip hop fans blood pressure rose to the WWF-style of text combating. Safaree quickly answered back, saying “Show the email you sent me on my birthday. If were not 2gthr u shouldn’t be questioning me about old shit at all. that’s not moving on.” What do you think of all this? I personally don’t give two quarters about this crap, no pun intended. We’ll keep you updated on the new WWF after these commercials!

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