MA model Samantha discuss her modeling experience, doing her own hair, finding time between being a nanny and school, getting more in fashion and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts model Samantha is getting her first publication in Internet Hollywood after completing an eight-question interview with me over the weekend. I reached out to the model sometime last week and invited her to do the interview and she kindly accepted.


Samantha has a huge collection of photos on her page that includes all of the amazing things she has done since she started her journey as a model. I was pretty excited to get to this interview and share it. I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Samantha*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Samantha!? Thank you for giving me the green light to work on these questions to send to you. I have been making an effort to interview upcoming talent and you are one of those many people I reached out to you. I’m really excited to learn about you and your modeling journey. Where did the inspiration that made you want to model come from and what’s the first steps you took to get started?


Samantha:  To be honest with you I started modeling at the age of 13 and I was a very shy little girl. I never really had the inspiration to model because I never thought I could really do it. However, as the years went one I started to blossom slowly through modeling. It’s made me more comfortable with who I am.


Internet Hollywood: This is a question I asked another model that was pretty interesting to know; was having your first few photo shoots anything like you imagined before you started modeling or was it a little different than was expected?


Samantha: The first couple of photo shoots that I did were for Hasbro and they were absolutely everything I imagined a photoshoot to be. I think I was about 14 during the time and I enjoyed the experience and felt as though I were a celebrity!

Internet Hollywood: What are you focused doing and what kind of people would you like to connect with more to improve your portfolio?


Samantha: As of now things are starting to slow down on my end. I haven’t really been doing too much lately. Between going to school and nannying it is difficult to find time for the model life. However, I am aiming to take part in some shows during New York Fashion Week this coming September and if all goes well I’ve been thinking of maybe trying to pursue a modeling career in New York.



Internet Hollywood: Your hair and makeup are always on point. Do you do it yourself or have a stylist that does it?


Samantha: Growing up with curly hair has had its ups and its downs. I have had my moments where I’ve wanted to chop it all off but I always end up coming to my senses and I let my hair do as it pleases. I do my own hair and I try to dabble in the makeup part of it all but when I feel the need to call in the expert I do have my cousin who is more than willing to help me out!


Internet Hollywood: Are you looking to getting into magazines and more fashion shows in the future?


Samantha: As I had mentioned earlier I am looking to get more involved in the fashion world and would love to take part in the upcoming fashion week. I think a move to New York may be beneficial for me if I want to take this more seriously.


Internet Hollywood: I also saw that you were signed to an agency. Are you still signed to one now or are you currently independent?


Samantha: I’ve recently signed with Maggie and have been offered so many great opportunities! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something really good to come my way!


Internet Hollywood: Last question; You seem to be keeping yourself busy with new things Are you currently working on anything at the moment?


Samantha: Unfortunately at the moment I have not been getting into too much other than just getting myself mentally and physically ready for whatever may come my way! 2018 is not over yet and I plan on doing something great to make this a memorable year!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Samantha!


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Samantha:  @black_orchid293

Photographer: William Obeng (@_opoku_)

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