Sara Andrews brings out the umbrella in her lingerie photo shoot with photographers Jeffrey Allen & Oscar Plunkett

Photoshoots – Independent Massachusetts model Sara Andrews is one of the hardest working mothers I know that work hard to make ends meet and deserves every piece of success that comes with whatever goal she sets to make a career out of. Her multi-talent ability has only expanded her to more connections that will assist in helping her kick down the doors she wants as she continues to work as hard she does. This only inspired me even more to write this story about her and the other two talented people that were involved.


Not too long ago, I got in touch with Sara over messenger and asked if she would like me to write about the photo shoot she did with Jeffrey Allen over the summer and she said yes. After learning a little more about the photo shoot I discovered that Oscar Plunkett was also involved in the photo shoot and did a little shooting with Sara as well. I got in touch with Oscar and got some of the photos he took of her as well to share in this story. He revealed to me that the photo shoot was something Jeff set up and he just helped up by setting up equipment and driving. He later decided to get in on the action.



When discussing the photo shoot with Jeffrey Allen he explained that it was a photo shoot he been wanting to do for years and he knew he could pull it off with Sara. He said he found the umbrella online and loved how it was clear and had a yellow trim. He also confessed that finding the right lingerie for the photo shoot was a little hard, but as you can see, he made the perfect selections and they pulled it off.


“I have always wanted to do a shoot like this for years. When I was looking for Rain Boots I knew Yellow was the color to go with, and I knew that Sara was the model to pull the shoot off. I found the umbrella online and loved the fact it was clear and had yellow trim. It was tough finding just the right lingerie set and yellow one piece. I knew this color would look great on Sara with her skin tone. Over the course of 2 months, I worked with Sara on the concept and what we both wanted to get out of it. Sara chose the location and Oscar and I drove to NH on the day of the shoot. Even with the rain, the day was perfect and the results show it.”


I have attached the photos I received from the photo shoot and I hope you enjoy checking them out. Sara Andrews is currently working a lot more things that we should be expecting to see in the future. She also was a hairstylist at the Internet Hollywood Fashion show on July 1st and she did an amazing job. Great job on this photo shoot you three. I love these photos!


~*Jeffrey Allen Photos*~

~*Photos By MCQ*~


Sara Andrews: Instagram (modeling) – Instagram (hair)

Oscar Plunkett: Facebook

Jeffrey Allen: No Link


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