Sara Andrews chats with IH Vega about her Christmas plans, talks about spending it with her children, things they like, and more!

Topic of the Month (Christmas) – Independent Massachusetts model Sara Andrews gave me all of the information I needed about her holiday plans, past holiday experiences, and more last week. I meant to publish this story before Christmas but due to the overwhelming amount of work I wasn’t able to. But post-Christmas is just as good as well so why not today?! Enjoy the short interview!


~*~*Christmas /w Sara Andrews*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Sara! I’ve been seeing a whole lot of you lately. LOL. Your name has definitely been buzzing in some areas. Congratulations for being selected to be in the Internet Hollywood Magazine. You definitely deserve it. You are working your ass off. LOL. Where will you be spending your Christmas this year and have you finished shopping yet?


Sara: Hi! Yes, I am loving all the buzzing. haha. I will be staying home for Christmas this year and, nope I have not finished yet and it’s a few days away! haha.


Internet Hollywood: I know with you being a mother you see how the effect of Christmas influence the excitement children have that love the display of lights, gifts, food, and other things. How important do you feel it is for a parent to bring that kind of excitement to a child’s life and what has been keeping you motivated to do it?


Sara: At first, it was about the magic, so I interned it to be, but then it just turned into being about the gifts. Although gifts make especially kids happy, I hate to see it be the first importance to the children. They forget all about the magic of Christmas, the magic is the fun part if you ask me.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things your kids like to get during this time of year and have they asked for anything?


Sara: My kids ask for everything because they get everything, so I usually get them what I think they’ll use out of the things they think they want. I have a good eye for the things that get thrown in corners and never to be played with again. So what they get is based on that.


Internet Hollywood: What has been your most memorable Christmas and the best gift you ever got on it?


Sara: When my twin boys could finally talk and their expressions that Christmas where heart melting. That was also the best gift.


Internet Hollywood: These are some of my favorite ones to ask; what are your favorite Xmas movies to watch, favorite Xmas songs to listen to, and favorite foods to eat around this time of year?


Sara: The Grinch, Elf, Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph! I love Rudolph and frosty as songs as well. I love all Christmas music, all Christmas movies and I LOOOOVE my eggnog haha.. sugar cookies, all the pine through the house. Christmas is magical. My kids love when our elf (Theo) is moved every day of December. They are happy seeing the elf every day and didn’t get anything. So for 25 days, Christmas can make my kids happy without one single present. Until of course, When Santa comes and Theo goes and they leave presents.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Sara!



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