#Selfie Princess Brittany Rides For Bernie Sanders, Responds To Prince Vega’s Remarks

britt 1Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood’s #Selfie princess is responding to remarks made by Internet Hollywood’s founder Prince Vega towards the presidential election. Recently the hip hop artist stated he didn’t see no point in voting because he feels money has changed the way candidates are picked before placed in office.

“I honestly feel Americans need to get over the fantasy of a superhero politician,” he said. “People need to realize they are too grown to fall for that kinda stuff now. It is getting to the point that its getting sad watching it. How many years has this been going on for? The elections doesn’t excite me at all.”

Although Brittany agreed with what Prince Vega was saying, she had a different opinion when it come to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

“In part i do agree with Prince Vega’s statement,” she said. “Mostly because this country has lost its sense of freedom and what that actually represented. When the British tried to tax us we fought back hence the Boston tea party. When the British tried to instill fear into the American people we fought back hence the battle of Lexington. We as a country have lost the power because we are so used to letting others (the govt) decide for us. We fail to realize that we are the masses and we can change the things we do not like. Now i do strongly feel that majority of politicians are corrupt. However i do genuinely like presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, he has a great platform, he isn’t bigoted towards any group of people in anyway and hes a strong speaker that actually discusses the topics in length and with full disclosures not off the records.”

Brittany has been a Internet Hollywood celebrity for almost a year and has made front page news twice along-side two features in our previous magazines! She is a beautiful soul that is tough as nails and truly believe in herself. She’s kick-ass! Take sometime to get to know as she continues to grow in Internet Hollywood.

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