Selfie Princess Brittany Slams Presidential Race: “I Will Vote For The Cookie Monster or Elmo Before Them”

brittany-images-newPrince Vega – Internet Hollywood’s beautiful Selfie princess Brittany Elizabeth is getting the attention she deserves after the model opened up to our reporters about this year’s president election without holding back.


The model expressed her frustration over the election and slammed the two candidates who have been at each other’s throats since the start of the presidential race. She went on to explain how she felt neither candidate were for the people and were only into fulfilling their self-serving purposes:


“The elections a sham, it’s all about bashing the other candidate and spreading more propaganda for self-serving purposes. Neither candidate truly cares for running a clean race they say they do but they don’t. I’m sick of seeing Hillary promote herself on Twitter for her own gain, she’s not an ideal candidate she lacks morals and ethics. She cares only for her own gain and has her hands so deep in pockets it’s astounding she hasn’t been charged with money laundering. Trump has a history of saying the wrong thing constantly, the latest is the grab her by the pussy statement. I’m sure Hillary released it or dug it up to make herself look pro-feminist and gain more votes. He says the wrong things but Hillary does the wrong things. Neither is a candidate for the people both will cause nationwide issues guaranteed. But at the end of the day, this is what we get for options trying to debate which is the lesser of the two evils. Neither have my vote, i will vote for the cookie monster or Elmo before i vote for them. Their self-serving and they care little for preserving this country.”


Elizabeth views on what’s happening in the world are so strong that Prince Vega is considering a radio personality position for the model. He described her as a “brave soul that’s strongly passionate about her beliefs” and we could tell by reading  her response to our question above.


Brittany Elizabeth is a huge asset to the Internet Hollywood brand. She’s known in our community as the selfie princess and has made front page news on Internet Hollywood five times!

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