Seven15 Photography talks ’13 Reasons Why’ and Netflix: “I don’t necessarily agree that it glamorized suicide”

T.O.T.W – Netflix has been a huge topic this week in Internet Hollywood and many upcoming sensations are revealing their favorite and least favorite shows on the streaming service. So far we have interviewed 20 models, 6 photographers and 7 musicians who all shared how much they like being one of Netflix’s 98 million subscribers. That number will be increasing by the end of the week.


Another person I was very excited to interview is the incredibly talented Courtney Beavers of Seven15 Photography. I’ve been following his work for a long time now and will honestly admit that I’m a fan of it. After finding out he was a subscriber of Netflix I asked for a short interview and then started sending my questions. Enjoy! 🙂


Internet Hollywood: Hey Courtney! Every week on we pick a topic and try to get as much people to weigh in on it as possible. This week we are talking about Netflix. Netflix is a very popular streaming service that allows subscribers to stream thousands of movies whenever and wherever they want. The streaming is currently in about 190 countries and have close to 100 million subscribers. What is it about Netflix that you like and what is your favorite show to watch? 
“I definitely enjoy the ability to watch shows at my own pace. I can watch an entire season of a show in one weekend or slowly experience a show like Breaking Bad when I’m not watching my regular shows. As far as favorite show on Netflix, that changes for me pretty often. At one point it was Luther then it was Sherlock then Daredevil. Most recently it was Master of None but probably right now it’s House of Cards.  The season just came out.”
Internet Hollywood: What would you say is the most disappointing show you watched on Netflix that you recommend others don’t watch and why?
“Not really sure I know what I like and I tend to stay away from things that don’t look interesting. However, I’m really into the Marvel shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I would say Iron First was definitely my least favorite one so far. Oh, also my wife is really into Gilmore Girls so when they brought it back exclusively to Netflix I watched it with her.  that thing was horrible. LMAO”
Internet Hollywood: LOL. We’ve been asking people about the disturbance that was caused by a show on Netflix titled ’13 Reasons Why’ that had people feeling like it glamorized suicide. My question is, who is the blame if a teenager decides to commit suicide after watching the show?
“I watched that show I don’t necessarily agree that it glamorized suicide. But parents should definitely watch with their teens. If a teen commits suicide after watching this show I would not blame Netflix. In the show a lot of events lead to the main character committing suicide. In real life I assume it happens in a similar way, but I do understand the fragile state someone must be in if they are considering ending their life and I do urge parents to be very aware of what their children are watching.”
Internet Hollywood: A lot of people feel movies today aren’t anything like movies in the past. Why do you think people are saying that?
“Wow I’m not really sure why. It could just be a lack of perspective. Or maybe with the increase in the amount of movies coming out there just happens to be a lot of really bad movies in the mix. lol.”
Internet Hollywood: If you could see yourself acting in a movie or series on Netflix what film will it be and why?
“I’d love to be a part of any of the Marvel stuff probably Luke Cage. Growing as comic book fan I would never have dreamed all these characters that I grew up watching would be on the big screen or regularly on tv and being done well. ????????

Internet Hollywood Question: Netflix recently lost some subscribers after seeing the”Dear White People” trailer. A great deal of people felt Netflix crossed the line with the title. Although the series is nothing like it portrays, people were really bothered by it. With that being said, do you feel that it’s appropriate for streaming giants like Netflix to continue pushing shows like that even with the outcry following it? 
“Absolutely. Netflix is one of few places where projects like that will actually get a chance.”
Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for answering our questions Courtney!


“No problem.”
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