Shaelyn Mariah On Kanye West: VMAs: “He Should Shove His Head Up His A–“

shaelyn 6Internet Hollywood celebrity Shaelyn Mariah is lashing out at Kanye West after the artist stormed on the stage during Beck’s acceptance speech at the VMAs. The Canadian model had some pretty harsh words for the artist after an Internet Hollywood reporter asked her how she felt about Kanye’s action at the VMAs.

“I think Kayne West should shove his head up his a– a little further,” she said. “Guy clearly doesn’t deserve s—. Creativity is much more than what he offers.”

The ProjectXPlatinum superstar didn’t stop throwing her jabs there. It didn’t take but a few seconds after for her to deliver another blow to the hip hop artist; calling him “unprofessional”. “Attitude means everything,” she added. “This is why he had no professional reason to.”

Many would probably argue with the status of our beautiful Shaelyn without research. She remains one of the most active Internet Hollywood celebrities with growing power that is predicted to become unstoppable in the future. Shaelyn remains a household name that is publicly embraced on Internet Hollywood Radio every single week.

Why So Serious?

Shaelyn is quickly opening up a path that will lead her to being one of the biggest ProjectXPlatinum superstars in Internet Hollywood! She’s incredibly active and full spirited, with no bad taste to add to that flavor we just can’t enough of. The model was recruited as a celebrity in our universe by Prince Vega earlier last year. We can easily predict Shaelyn will be the Canadian face of Internet Hollywood alongside models Jessy Erinn and Carie.



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