Shaelyn Mariah Voted #9 Biggest Model On Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ Billboard Charts

shaelyn new 3Canadian model Shaelyn Mariah is now Internet Hollywood’s 9th biggest female celebrity! According to our committee, Shaelyn easily racked 10 of 13 votes from our private council without much of a fight. The talented young superstar is known to put her heart into everything she makes available for her social media followers. Shaelyn is also a known listener when it comes to Internet Hollywood Radio shows every Tuesday. Repeatedly the model’s name has been shouted out through the airwaves by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. Her name remains recognizable to familiar faces that has helped make Internet Hollywood the powerhouse it is today. Our second floor private committee has predicted Shaelyn’s notoriety rise months before the model’s official debut in Internet Hollywood. The model has also made her way into mainstream media gossip after bashing Kanye West for attempting to snatch Beck’s VMA award.

“I think Kayne West should shove his head up his a– a little further,” she said. “Guy clearly doesn’t deserve s—. Creativity is much more than what he offers.”

The legendary Chicago producer was also attacked by Internet Hollywood models Carrie Madeline, Hollie Lehouillier, and Isabel Vinson, making the artist a trending topic in the world of independence. Shaelyn’s beautiful attitude is wonderfully matched with beautiful eyes and a wonderful face. Her warm eyes sits behind the cutest nose she holds on an absolutely stunning body that all her followers love. It’s clear she’s grown into an incredible model with a following that continues to expand all over the world. Shaelyn has proven herself to be an emotional model that’s committed to opening new doors as-long as it benefits her career. We share her work with the world hoping she capitalizes off the advantage of being a public figure, and so far she has. Her hard has now made her the #9 biggest model in Internet Hollywood! The picture above was took by an amazing photographer by the name of Mike Scalisi.

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