Shalee Sanchez says she’s dressing up as Storm from X-Men on Halloween, talks about her haunted experience in college, movies, and more

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Independent Connecticut model Shalee Sanchez has given me the inside scoop on her holiday plans for Internet Hollywood’s hot topic discussion and I’m glad to finally be able to share it with you. I got in touch with Shalee and asked if she would like to participate in our hot topic discussion, then I sent her some of my hot topic questions to answers. She filled me in on her plans, favorite treats, the costume she’s wearing, and she revealed a haunted experience she says she’s been through in the past. Check out the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Shaylee Sanchez*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Shalee? I appreciate you taking the time to chat with the Internet Hollywood universe. Halloween has really been the “it” topic for a lot of the people we interviewed. How is your Halloween plans turning out? Are you planning on dressing up as anyone?


Shalee: Well, as far as I know, I don’t have any plans yet but I do have a costume I’m going to be Storm from X-men for Halloween.


Internet Hollywood: What horror movies happen to find its way to your television often and which horror movie character takes the crown in frightening you the most when you were younger?


Shalee: Horror movies that have made their way to my television … Hmmm well, these past few Halloween I wasn’t able to catch what came on but I’ve seen the movie “It” a couple of times. BUT til’ this day Michael Meyers will forever scare me.


Internet Hollywood: Are you plan on doing a Halloween shoot at all this year? And if so, what kind of photoshoot would you like it to be? 


Shalee:  I do plan on doing a Halloween shoot this year but not sure who I want to be, but definitely a character from Black Panther.


Internet Hollywood: Here’s one of our hot ones; have you ever been through a haunted experience or experienced anything out of the ordinary?


Shalee: I haven’t been to a haunted house but out of the ordinary I have seen whether anyone believes me. I went to Western Connecticut State University and when I was walking on the West Side campus from my dorm (Grasso) to the other dorm (centennial) I heard someone calling my name but No one was outside and barely anyone was in the dorms because it was spring break but my name got louder and the voice got closer but when I looked No one was there and when I got to the dorm it felt like the person was right behind me.


Internet Hollywood: last question; What are your favorite treats and food to eat around this time of year and will you be cooking up a special dish as well this year for Halloween?


Shalee: Favorite treats and food! Around this year. Pumpkin spice everything! But I like any chocolate that I would get in the goodie bags like Reese, snickers, normal but I also like this chocolate musse, Oreo leveled treat filled with marshmallows chocolate pudding and some type of ghost treat topping mmm it’s amazing. Unfortunately, I don’t make anything special around this time of year but I eat what everyone else makes lol!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Shalee!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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