Shayna Evelyn plans to return to modeling this month, books her first photo shoot of the year!

Models – Independent Rhode Island model Shayna Evelyn has made the decision to return to modeling and she is already in the process of setting up her first photo shoot of the year this month. I recently chopped it up with the model this afternoon and she filled me in on her plans to set up the shoot on a weekend this month and if this weekend is possible I believe she will be doing it.


Shayna has been really silent for months and hasn’t really put out anything new since her Jamestown photo shoot. The reason for the absence isn’t known but seeing Evelyn gear up for an epic return has excited me to write about it. It has been over a year since I have written about the model and I have been keeping in touch with her during her absence awaiting for her time. It’s good to see her back at it.


I don’t have much detail on the theme of the photo shoot but she revealed that she will be doing it with a photographer by the name of Te Barata. When the photo shoot is complete and the photos are out I will be taking the time out of my day to write a story about it to welcome Shayna on her return to modeling. It’s definitely been a while!




Shayna Evelyn: Facebook

The first photo in the story was taken by Te Barata

The second photo was taken by Rufboy Photography


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