Shayna Lands Internet Hollywood Magazine Feature After Hot IModelZone Photoshoots


Prince Vega – One of Internet Hollywood’s newest models will be among the headlining topics on Internet Hollywood Radio on March 10th after her return has earned her a feature in Internet Hollywood’s newest magazine coming out on March 15th.


The Rhode Island goddess recently went through a lengthy silence around the fourth quarter of last year to gather her thoughts on the future of her career in modeling. After overcoming the wicked battle from within the forces of nature she decided to regain the confidence that has truly made her an inspiring model establishing a base in the Internet Hollywood universe.


shayna stunningShayna Evelyn has repeatedly went head on with the walls that stalls her career and teared through the bricks that has trapped dozens of models who failed to overcome their fears. With the help of the extremely talented IModelZone, she has managed to capture the eyes of her friends, family, and supporters once again!


The model recently shared a breathtaking photo of her shoot with IModelZone that shows the gorgeous brown skin star strutting her breast~zipped up in a leather coat while her blonde her dangled across her shoulders like the queen that she is. The photo is admired and liked by many who complimented her beauty, saying “gorgeous” and “beautiful” in the comment sections.


This isn’t the first time Shayna has made a huge impact on our front page. Back in January, she andIModelZone made front page news for their amazing work in the feature image displayed on the right side of this article. ;). We look forward to keeping you all updated on Shayna’s feature coming on March 15th.


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on March 10th at 9pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!

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