SHOCKING: Internet Hollywood Celebrities Milly-Q & Rapper Rude Boy Of S.O.S Officially Dating

milly q and rude boy 1Photographer Charrita and Rapper U.T.K is no longer the only celebrities from Internet Hollywood that are dating. Singer Milly-Q just confirmed She’s now dating Rapper Rude Boy of S.O.S. The shocking news of the surprised hookup came shortly after one of our reporters discovered an update on her profile that included a picture of the Internet Hollywood rapper as her cover photo. After being confronted by one of our photographers about the hookup she quickly confirmed they their both are officially on. Many people are not familiar with who the gorgeous reggaeton singer is, and many are still not sure who Rude Boy is either. At one point rapper Rude Boy and his brother Mise was ranked the #1 underground rap group inside of Internet Hollywood for close to about seven months. The group first broke the Internet Hollywood headlines after feuding with California rapper C-three last year. The group is one of the first artists to compete inside of the Game Of Rap series. Milly-Q is the first latino singer to ever debut in a Internet Hollywood magazine. She has also been a friend of Prince Vega’s for about seven years. We hope these two little love birds stick together. What do you all think?

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