SHOTS FIRED?: California Rapper Cthree Fires Subliminal Shots At CT Rapper Snacks Giggaty?

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Internet Hollywood front runner Snack Giggaty has again found his way into our headlining universe after a recent status update from an upcoming California artist in Internet Hollywood by the name of Cthree subliminally hinted off a future shot at Snacks Giggaty on Facebook.

“I love what I do all my Music has a piece
of me with it, but when I hear most Songs today

Open your Mind… what happen to originality ??
Find your voice then speak not the other way around
” Kill any Emcee puttem under the train tracks you dont love the music you do it for the street rats
the truth is more then leisure, leave you stiff like ah paraplegic
I aint tellin you were his brains at take a guess
you DRONE rappers my late snack… Goodmorning”

Sources around us speculate that this is a hidden shot delivered at the growing Connecticut artist in our universe after he repeatedly made headlines with enough energy that could secure him the number #1 slot on Mayhem Music international. It isn’t much of a shocker to learn that underground artists may unload rounds while the committee chamber is casting votes to put artists on the top ten. The more an artist headlines on Internet Hollywood the more their chances are in gaining exposure publicly in our universe. Snacks Giggaty is currently facing off with another artist from Connecticut by the name of Prime EX. Both of the artist has repeatedly made their way into our circuit after being submitted by none other than Prince Vega himself. Our journalist will keep digging to determine whether this was actually a shot though a few close ones said it is. We’ll keep you updated

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