SHOTS FIRED: CT Artist Big Mach Fires Shots At California’s Cthree For Dissing Snacks Giggaty

big mach

The international universe is under fire after heavy loads of lyrical shots exchanged between parties from Pennsylvania, California & Connecticut. The latest updates following the subliminal shots is a released video of underground rapper Big Mach targeting Cthree on Facebook. Not much was said but Mach made it pretty clear that any escalation of any words would result in a lyrical homicide, using words like “eat em alive” to describe the result of facing them from a battling stand point. Cthree remains silent on the issue and has yet responded to all the energy following what’s building up inside of our headlines. The video released by an affiliate to Snacks Giggaty’s Fast Food Family camp is not visible to the public so artists throughout our universe can not see it.


From the video:


“I hear it..sworn they tried to throw shots at Snacks/Fat Boys in the building, copy, no, roger that//

We just gone eat em alive/when its done your mouth gone be the reason you died//

Reason you tried gone be the same reason you cried/my bro humble so tell me what’s the reason to lie?//


It’s pretty clear Cthree has been feeling the heat from the intense pressure taking place after the “supposed” subliminal shots directed towards one of the biggest headliners in Internet Hollywood – Snacks Giggaty. Ever since the story made headlines the entire underground music scene in Connecticut has been backing Snacks Giggaty, which they should. Snacks Giggaty has already captured the attention of multiple people from the entertainment business over this speculated feud already. Snacks continues to headline as one of the biggest artist trending in our universe and no other rap artist has came close to headlining as much as him since.

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