Singer Alisa Valesquez Just Joined The Connecticut Branch Of Vaughka’s Internet Hollywood Party & Promo Team!

IH News – One incredibly beautiful and talented singer by the name of Alisa Velasquez has decided to become one of the newest members in the Internet Hollywood universe by joining Vaughka’s Internet Hollywood Party Team. The singer joined the Connecticut branch last week and is considered to be one of the greatest catches the team has gotten. The interest in Alisa being apart of the cross promotion team has been building after months of support from the singer who has provided an enormous amount of positive energy while offering her own support to fuel the engine of Internet Hollywood. After receiving her fourth publication on the website it was only a matter of time before an invitation to join the team was going to be sent out to her. As stated before, the group will be throwing its own events, parties, shoots, radio shows, fashion shows, magazines, award shows, tours, contest, cook outs,films, and more. She is one of 60 people that have been chosen to be apart of the team so far!


This news was first made public on our Instagram page @internethollywood




Alisa Velasquez: Instagram – Soundcloud

Honja Photography: Instagram


Internet Hollywood: Instagram – Facebook

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