Singer Alisa Velasquez first interview on Internet Hollywood Radio will now air on June 29th!

Buzz Alert – Connecticut musician Alisa Velasquez  has a lot going on in her independent music career right now and her first Internet Hollywood Radio interview is definitely one of them. It has been confirmed the interview will now air on Internet Hollywood Radio on June 29th. The show was postponed due to personal circumstances but it will officially air on the new date. The singer has been booked as the second guest on the show since its return last month. In the interview, the singer brings us up to date on all of the new things she has going on, her new music project, and what she’s currently working on. Stay tuned for more information leading up to that interview!


Note: This story was modified and updated



Alisa Velasquez: Instagram – Soundcloud

Hair & Makeup:  Annie Vasquez

Photographer: Phillip Zaragoza

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