Singer Alisa Velasquez gives her thoughts on the direction mainstream music is going: “There’s no authenticity anymore.”

Highlights – Singer Alisa Velasquez gave us a lot to remember in one of her past interviews with us. Here’s what she said about music in the mainstream when the questions was brought up:


“It’s horrible. The music industry is so corrupt. It’s always about the money, and everyone’s competing for the next 15 minutes of fame. It’s like a circus! Everyone is so busy obsessing over what’s catchy and trying so hard to be relevant that they’re all starting to sound the same. There’s no authenticity anymore. Most of the music we hear on the radio is just the same recycled songs over and over and I think it’s terrible for the culture because mainstream music has no real substance. We need to bring back music that resonates something meaningful.”


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Alisa Velasquez: Instagram – Soundcloud

Hair & Makeup:  Annie Vasquez

Photographer: Eyezonme247 photography

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