Singer Alisa Velasquez will be performing at Internet Holywood Party in South Windsor, CT on Nov 16th!

Musicians / IH Party – Independent Connecticut singer Alisa Velasquez will be bringing her magical voice to the Internet Hollywood universe to perform for the very first time in front of many people that will be opening their ears up to her sound that has been mentioned frequently on our website. Alisa has been a person of interest for a while when it comes to  selecting performers for future events. She is also an artist Vaughka has been interested in collaborating with for his ‘Vaughka Series‘ project that is currently in the works.


Alisa being a performer at Internet Hollywood’s next event has news through our social media outlets for a little while now. She is booked to perform a couple of her songs, and if time make it so, she will performing the song Vaughka wishes to make with her. She has already agreed to the collaboration will soon be bringing the song to a reality.


The event is set to take place at the Nomads Banquet Facility in South Windsor, CT on November 16th. The event will be taking place at 7:00 p.m. eastern time.




Alisa Velasquez: Instagram – Soundcloud

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