Singer Bundy Foxx ‘Drift Away’ lands #5 on Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart

IH Radio – Connecticut singer Bundy Foxx has a lot to celebrate since her very first interview with Internet Hollywood last month. Her song ‘Drift Away has been voted #5 on the Internet Hollywood Music Chart making her a hot topic on Internet Hollywood Radio along with 9 other music artists. As we stated in previous stories, the reason for each artist being selected will be explained sometime later this week.


Bundy’s sound brings a comforting place for singers on the chart list. She is the first singer that was voted on the Internet Hollywood Music chart by me and my pairs. After all, this is the first chart we ever put out and the next time it updates will be in a few weeks. This gives many artists time to grind hard and submit some of their material. Bundy Foxx has a variety of content that displays her talent in many unique ways. Those ways will be expressed when the archives of the Internet Hollywood Radio show is released this week. You could check out the song below!

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