Singer Bundy Foxx to chop it up with IH Vega in her first Internet Hollywood interview this month!

Buzz Alert – Independent singer Bundy Foxx will be joining the list of musicians that was invited to do an interview with IH Vega (Vaughka) after accepting an invitation to be interviewed for Internet Hollywood last month. The talented singer was contacted by Vaughka through one of her social media platforms and was asked if she would be interested in doing the interview which would consist around 7-8 questions and will dig into her musical background, upcoming projects, latest news, and more. She has been connected to one of Vaughka’s page for a long while and no publication about her has made headlines on so Vaughka thought it would be a great idea to break the barrier and interview her for the very first time. The release date of the interview is not set at this time but the process in developing it is already taking place. We will keep you updated as everything continues to manifest in the future!




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