Singer Jordan Meyer and KC Makes Music releases a new music video titled “Sober” about addiction and recovery!

Musicians – Independent music singer Jordan Meyer is heating up Facebook after releasing his music video by Edwin Escobar titled “Sober” yesterday. The song includes music artist KC Makes Music and the video features some pretty dope actors that did they thing playing their parts.


The video has been receiving a lot of supporters by those who viewed it ever since it’s release yesterday morning. It has already pulled in over 6 thousand views, 66 shares, 74 comments, and 150 likes. People applauded the powerful message the artists were sending in the song and lit up his comment section with many hearts, fire symbols, prayer symbols, and more. Here’s what Jordan caption under the release.

“Addiction causes suffering for everyone involved… The addict, their family, friends, and lovers. I’ve battled with addiction and mental health issues for a long time, and Music has always been my outlet to talk about those issues. I’m grateful to have 2 years of sobriety, and I hope this song touches the hearts of many, while instilling hope and strength into the hearts of those still fighting. Please share if you have a sec, and if you want to achieve an even higher support badge, please buy our song on iTunes or Amazon for 99 cents ❤️ With love, and empathy, I present Sober.”

You could check out the music video on his Facebook by clicking the link to his Facebook Below!

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