Singer Roary Michael to sing his new music single at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th!

Coming Up – Singer Roary Michael will be getting his time to shine on the movie theater stage at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, Connecticut next week. The singer was given the opportunity to perform after his music single received radio play after being submitted by a model for his birthday. Off the strength of her I offered him a small set to perform his single at the party.


The news shocked Roary Michael who was very excited to have the chance to show his talent to the amazing crowd. I look forward to seeing him doing his thing live for the first time on the 19th. There is nothing like seeing new talent show off their gift on a stage with people watching. I think that’s a challenge that every artist should face.


Dozens of other underground musicians will also be presence and some will be hitting the stage as well that night. I am also booked as a performer for that evening. I’m sure the night will definitely be something to talk about the next morning!

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