Slim Jesus Disses Atlanta Rapper “Black Jesus”: “Build Your Own Hype”

slim jesus pictureComplex – Slim Jesus burst on the scene in August with his video for “Drill Time,” which features handguns with laser sights and repeated threats to “let that 40 bang” on those who “ain’t really ’bout shit.” His video and lyrics are flagrant by any standard, but Slim’s authenticity has been an especially hot issue because—duh—he’s a white teenager from Hamilton, Ohio who weighs, maybe, 130 pounds. It was only a matter of time before someone challenged Slim and the “fuckin’ gang” on Frank block.

Earlier this week, WorldStar posted a clip of rapper “Black Jesus” confronting Slim Jesus outside of a club in Atlanta. As luck would have it, Slim was scheduled to visit Complex for an episode of Well Rounded the following day. We asked Slim about his run-in, you can see his response in the video above. Oh, and keep an eye out for the full episode of Well Rounded with Slim Jesus (airing next week).


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