SMH: 22 Savage Claims 21 Savage Ran From Him, 21 Savage Responds: “So Instead Of Killing Me…”

Social Media & Video Sharing – 22 Savage is all over Instagram ranting about some incident that supposedly occurred when he sighted 21 Savage in Louisiana. The rapper took to his social media account to explain the incident and says his friend had to stop him from physically hurting 21 Savage when he seen him.

“21, you a h*e boy! I was in stand still traffic, I was coming through New Orleans. I got the .223 in the f*cking car. N*ggas at my window, ‘What up 22? What up 22?’ Like, fans or whatever, you heard me? And out the corner of my f*cking eye, I’m like, ‘That looks like 21. Matter of fact, it ‘is’ 21. So, I grab the .223, you heard me, I’m in the car. I open the door. I swear to God on everything I love, I open the f*cking door, these same n*ggas that was right here hollering, ‘What up 22?,’ they go over there and tell you I’m right here, you heard me? What you did? What you did? You ran to your f*cking sprinter van. That boy stopped me. I was gonna spray that b*tch. You already know what’s happening with me.”


21 Savage responds:


I honestly feel this entire thing is stupid. At the end of the day, this doesn’t prove anything. But hey, it’s there life!

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