Snacks Giggaty And Prime Ex Trades Shots On Billboard Charts: 125% to 100%

snacks vs prime

Snacks Giggaty is now leading the international headlining billboard charts after edging Prime Ex by one vote. 9 members of the second floor private committee has officially casted in their votes and only four members remain. Each 25% represents one member of the private party involved in the ingeri column and the remaining four will close the position of each artist in the race to the billboard charts. Which ever artist contains the most percentage will be documented above the artist in the top ten billboard charts in Internet Hollywood. Late Nite Snacks lead heaves off the energy following the reaction building off the tensions with unsigned California artist Cthree. Late Nite Snacks continues to ignore the thunder and live off the wave of energy that is building under his feet to surf. The charts will continue until the closing of next week and all ranks will be announced then!

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