Snacks & Ctthree: The Most Talked About Topic In Internet Hollywood; Snacks Brushes Off Diss


Internet Hollywood headliner Snacks Giggaty is well aware of the rumors floating across Internet Hollywood and its not moving him. The song writing chart topper continues to force his way to the top by facing challengers all across the world in our universe. Snacks has repeated made headlines multiple times since his debut in our circuit last month. The rising Connecticut artist is known to put his heart in the material he creates and it’s now be viewed by readers all over the world. Snacks has kept silent before sharing the link across his Facebook timeline to a bunch of hyped supporters that urged Snacks to respond or let them handle respond. Snacks repeatedly shrugged it off and insisted that such actions wouldn’t be necessary and it wasn’t that serious. The reaction isn’t much of a surprise to people from Connecticut who’s known Snacks for quite sometime. He also received the backing of another Connecticut artist he’s facing in the charts – Prime EX. Prime is another artist headlining in our universe that is currently battling for the number one spot. The upcoming Internet Hollywood celebrity recently shared some advice to artist all over who plans on calling out other artists; “don’t engage in battle if u aren’t built for it AND know your opponent,” he said.  He also stated he felt Snacks one for the simple that that Ctthree even bothered to call out the buzzing  Connecticut artist that has recently swept the Internet Hollywood universe off of its feet.


“I would say it very well could be a shot at Snacks but I’m sure Snacks got bigger fish to fry then someone he’s never heard of. Rule of thumb in a promo argument in this case is clearly one person is aware of the other and it doesn’t seem to me Snacks even knew the guy throwing lines around existed… Seems like it was only news since Snacks was involved, so Snacks Gigg already won in my mind.”

Prime Ex is currently leading the battle on top of the charts and is currently placed at 75% according to the second floor committee documented votes on Internet Hollywood. Snacks Giggaty is currently the #1 headlining rapper in our Internet Hollywood universe

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