Soncharay Correa Discusses CT Models Feuding: “They See Each Other As Competition”

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Prince VegaSoncharay Correa is equally sharing her views with other upcoming models in Connecticut that is familiar with the publicly known feuds that has been taking place between independent models in the Hartford County. Certain treatment being done by the act of others has helped discourage a great deal of females from pursing modeling because of the hostility that has been taking place.


One upcoming model from the Hartford area that is familiar with what’s going on is Soncharay Correa. She’s very involved with the Connecticut scene and has took on every chance in the county to take on shoots and other outlets to build connections and get exposure. She has engaged in dozens of photo shoots with local photographers and has witnessed how fragile things can be for other females that were victims of the harsh reality that comes with drama.


During our discussion the model proceeded to answer questions on the state of controversy that occurs in Connecticut between models. Although she claims she hasn’t personally been inside drama, she gave her thoughts on why she feel it happens.


“Girls in CT don’t get along because they see each other as competition more than allies,” she said before explaining why. “Because people rather share your failures more than try to support your movement. No body wants another person doing better than them.”

soncharay 2She also spoke on what she thought was the mode troubling thing for newer models trying to start a career without no help:

“One of the hardest challenges is staying out and starting trends. You also come across alot of scam artists so you would need to know your materials from the real connects to the fakes standing”

She continued:

“I really never came across one (scam). I always work with people who my people or connections know.”

Correa has made an effort in working her way through the loop holes of life to make things better for her career. She is one of the very few models from Connecticut that has made front page news in Internet Hollywood. She recently entered the Miss Jetset Magazine contest. To vote for Soncharay Correa click the highlighted link below! The stunning pictures of her was took by a photographer by @MrBakerImages.

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